Outland Entertainment: Year in Review

With all its issues—no pun intended—2021 has proven to be Outland Entertainment's biggest year ever! We released 27 out of the projected 33 publications, and we launched almost as many Kickstarters (many designated by Kickstarter as Projects We Love). Granted, we've had difficulty keeping up with all the other stuff that goes into a grassroots publishing venture but... 27 publications, y'all!

Publishing, at least for Outland, isn't just about getting stuff out there and making money. We have a lot more to celebrate that is important to us but doesn't necessarily make bank. For instance:

  • We made strides in publishing projects that align with our Core Values, and we started rethinking how our blog, social media, conventions, and other opportunities should also align with them.
  • We joined forces with Visionary Creative Services as our creative services wing.
  • We expanded our core team to include Scott Colby, C. Edward Sellner, and Christopher Helton.
  • We attended Planet Comicon KC in person with several of our creators and team members, most of whom had never met in person. (And we're solidifying plans for Planet Comicon 2022 to be even better with even more creators!)
  • We improved our blog with more content, more often, and from more perspectives.
  • We created YouTube content including our Worldsmiths series, convention events and interviews, and a live author reading from upcoming anthology Bridge to Elsewhere.
  • We've developed more engaging social media content like Outlandish Reviews where we review other indie publishers' stuff and Question of the Week featuring questions from our creators that we call geek out about.
  • We started our Discord featuring, among other things, a forum for Tombpunk RPG players.
  • We attended a virtual convention where we hosted some of our creators (FYI the next Virtuous Con is February 12-13. While we can't be there this time, we are loving what's in store!)
  • We started/expanded many transmedia Worlds including Hopeless, Maine (comic, novel, RPG), Apex (anthology, deck building game, RPG), Pileaus (anthology), Vikingverse (phrasebook, comics), Sorghum & Spear (comic), Nightfell (comic, RPG), Althingi (card game), and Blackguards (RPG). (Jeremy promised these Worlds will be on the page soon!)

We are so thankful to have worked with so many wonderful authors, artists, editors, media outlets, conventions goers, and the random technical professionals we've needed to make things happen.

And we're thankful for our readers. We love that we get to do this for YOU! And we hope you love it, too.

Here's to phenomenal 2022!

And in case you missed any of our stuff that came out this year, here they are, all in one place!



Nightcraft Quartet Book 2:
A Sword in the Sun
by Shannon Page


Other Books

Comics and Graphic Novels

Night of the Vegan
by Elijah Richardson and Leroy Bryant II
Nightfell Complete Volume
by Nicolas Giacondino


What was your favorite Outland Entertainment publication in 2021?

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