Our Stance on AI Art

At Outland Entertainment, we and those we serve expect a high standard when it comes to all of our projects, and so long as the ethical and legal circumstances surrounding nonhuman programs, websites, and other things that fall into the "AI" or machine learning category are in a state that is murky at best and theft at worst, the team at Outland Entertainment is unwilling to associate our brands with these technologies in any way.

To alleviate any confusion: When you buy something from Outland Entertainment, you can be sure that it is the work of human professionals who have spent years developing their skills, honing their crafts, and trying their best to make work you enjoy. Outland Entertainment will not use AI-generated ‘creative’ work of any kind.

The wonderful, strange, and unique team that makes up the artists, writers, and game designers who have been the cornerstone of our company from the beginning will not be replaced by passionless technologies and emotionless code that could never replicate their unique points of view and relevant and valued voices, and we look forward to working with the creators we treasure so much in the years ahead.