Our Team

Jeremy D. Mohler


Jeremy D. Mohler is an illustrator, creative director, college instructor, and the founder of Outland Entertainment.

Jeremy’s art has been featured in projects by companies including Marvel and IDW Comics, Blizzard Entertainment, Goodman Games, Inhabit Media, Upper Deck, and Learning A-Z. He has directed projects and installations for Amazon Studios, Moving Pictures Media Group, The Canadian History Museum, and the History Colorado Museum.

As an educator, Jeremy has taught courses including Drawing for Design, Storyboarding, Making Comicbooks & Zines, Character Design, Background Design, and Visual Communications at the Art Institutes International: Kansas City and Kansas University.

You can find his illustration work at www.jeremymohler.com.

Alana Joli Abbott

Editor in Chief

Alana Joli Abbott has been an editor for eighteen years, working on a variety of projects including biographies, news articles, reference books, role playing games, and fiction. At Outland, she has served as co-editor to anthologies, including Kaiju Rising II: Reign of Monsters.

Alana is the author of the novels Into the Reach, Departure,and Regaining Home, the interactive multiple choice novel apps Choice of Kung Fu, Showdown at Willow Creek, and Choice of the Pirate, and she has written for the comics including Cowboys and Aliens II and Ithaca. Her game writing has been featured in Steampunk Musha, the award winning Serenity Adventures, and Dungeon and Dragon magazines. Alana has visited ancient ruins around the world; sung madrigals semi-professionally; and earned her black belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate.

She lives near New Haven, CT.

Christopher Helton


Christopher Helton started on the gaming scene with the Dorkland! blog, one of the earliest tabletop role-playing game blogs, in 2003. He covered news and reviewed a variety of games, and launched a YouTube channel interviewing RPG publishers and designers, at his blog. From this he launched into pop culture journalism and criticism, writing for popular websites Bleeding Cool and EN World. He has written and worked behind the scenes for a variety of publishers from Battlefield Press to Gallant Knight Games to Petersen Games. He has also worked for the gaming non-profit, the ConTessa Foundation, which works on improving diversity and safety in gaming spaces.

Christopher enjoys cooking, comics, music and role-playing games,and he is a near life long fan of paranormal romance fiction, the pulps, horror and dark fantasy fiction, and he wishes that he had much more time for reading.

tara cloud clark

Social Media

Tara Cloud Clark manages social media and publicity for Outland Entertainment. She has a varied background in communications and marketing, design project management, k-higher education program development, and nonprofit/grant management. She provides freelance services as project manager and branding specialist for creatives and the businesses who collaborate with them. She is also the Director of Loud Lark Productions, a media company that manages the development of educational experiences outside the classroom.

Tara lives with her family in the Ozarks of Arkansas and spends as much of her time as possible in the woods. She’s a lifelong English major, amateur artist, coffee connoisseur, and one day hopes to live in an RV and continuously travel to new horizons.

C. Edward Sellner

Licensing Director

Working for over four years behind the scenes in a number of other studios and small publishers, Sellner launched Visionary in 2006, to be a banner of quality and integrity in the entertainment industry. He has worked professionally as a comics writer, colorist and artist, and also as a prose author and screenwriter. He serves as the CCO for Visionary and primary overseer on all projects.

Scott Colby

Senior Editor

Scott is the editor of a variety of Outland Entertainment projects (including Pileaus) and the author of the Deviant Magic series of fantasy novels.

A resident of Cambridge, Massachusetts, Scott lives in and works out of an overpriced studio apartment while dreaming of writing novels on a yacht. You might find him scribbling in a notebook in one of the neighborhood breweries, running through the area’s narrow side streets, or rooting for the Sox at Fenway.