Nightfell Volume 01

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Creator: Nicolás R. Giacondino
Jeremy Tolbert
Editor: Alana Joli Abbott
Cover Illustrator: Nicolás R. Giacondino
Pencils, Inks, & Cover: Nicolás R. Giacondino
Letters: Ed Dukeshire
Logo Design: Edward Lavallee
Cover & Interior Design: Jeremy D. Mohler
Producer: Steven Dudley
Formats Available: PDF
Edition: First

about the book

Welcome to Nightfell; a world locked in a cycle of struggle between the forces of light and dark… or is it? Every ninety years, the world of Berun is subject to ten years of darkness when the shining eyes of the gods close and monsters boil forth from the depths below to devour all in their path. Humanity protects itself with armies made of the dead, the corpseguard, which return to life during Nightfell and stand watch over the cities and strongholds.

It has been 89 years since the last Nightfell, and the ancient city of Kamteh has fallen under the control of a new religious sect that believes the gods will halt the cycle of Nightfell if they destroy their corpseguard. And only the oldest living embalmer of Kamteh, Father Kast, and his two young pupils stand between this cult and the utter destruction of their city!

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