Outland Entertainment Acquires Action-Packed Post-Apocalyptic Adelita:3017 Comic by Ariel Medel

Outland Entertainment is pleased to announce that we’ve acquired a new, action-packed, post-apocalyptic, Mad Max style comic by Ariel Medel: Adelita: 3017.

Set in a futuristic post-apocalyptic world, the story follows Adelita, a character based on the archetype of the female soldier in the Mexican Revolution. Heavily influenced by Mexican folklore, with elements and visual settings similar to Mad Max: The Road Warrior, 80s action and martial art movies, and dystopian sci-fi with a fantasy aura reminiscent of Fables, the series is a perfect blend to appeal to fans.

You’ll find anthropomorphic coyotes, witches, giant iguanas, robots, rotten flesh skeletons, and of course a plethora of Mexican representation! All these are packed into an action-adventure comic with a compelling story and a mystery that will unravel throughout the mini-series.

Cover of Adelita 3017

Set in the year 3017, in a post-apocalyptic Mexico, the story follows Adelita and her dog, Xolotl, as she tries to save a world ravaged by war, famine, and disease, all while trying to discover her true identity. After centuries of war and destruction of the environment, empires have risen and fallen, and humanity is on the brink of extinction after a disease has turned many of its survivors into mindless, rotten beings, more machine than human. The few humans left are scattered along the wastelands, struggling to survive under the constant menace of vicious gangs commanded by Lord Mechanicus and Lady Masacres.

The Kickstarter Pre-Signup is now live, click here to be sure and jump in when we launch October 18th!

Ariel Medel (creator, writer and artist)
Comic professional since 2012, working at the moment on Lark's Killer, a fantasy comic by Bill Willingham, creator & writer of Fables and Elementals, published by 1First Comics. He entered the American industry in 2013, working for Zenescope in titles such as Quest, Masumi, Wonderland, and Grimm Fairy Tales. He has worked drawing John Carter: Warlord of Mars, written by Ron Marz, Agent 47: Birth Of The Hitman, and Xena: The Warrior Princess for Dynamite Entertainment. He also drew The Unbeatables, written by Fabian Nicieza, for Marvel. He's worked on several independent titles like ACD, Astral Genesis-Vengeance, Skater Girls, P.O.M., and Spider-Squirrel. His latest independent titles are Astral Vengeance, the fourth installment of the Astral saga, and Milestone, the new comic book series from Xion Studios— home to Spider-Squirrel. He recently finished a 5 issue stint of Evil Ernie, written by Scott Lobdell, for Dynamite Entertainment.

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