Outland Entertainment Acquires Funky Fish Coffee Table Art Book by Kennon James

Outland Entertainment is pleased to announce that we've acquired a new coffee table art book by Kennon James - The Funky Fish Book! We'll be running a crowdfunding campaign for the project and it'll be published in 2023.


Why Fish?

"I’ve gotten that question a lot," Kennon mentioned when I was talking to him about the project.

"It’s as simple as just wanting to draw fish. A few years ago I realized I wasn’t very good at drawing fish and decided to practice. It turned into a somewhat daily exercise. These drawings are the result."

"I hope you like them."


This coffee table art book will be a 208 page, 9"x7" hardcover, with 99 unique fish designs in color, black, white, and greyscale.

It will be coming to Kickstarter August 22, 2022, for fourteen days. Don't miss out on your chance to get the book early - it won't be releasing into all bookstores later in 2023.

Get your copy of The Funky Fish Book in digital or hardcover by backing the Kickstarter that launches August 22, 2022.

You can also read this interview over on comicon.com by Anton Kromoff.

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