The Resound Fields—Now at Bookstores Near You!

Kansas City residents are used to seeing Donald "Scribe" Ross's art on the walls, in neighborhoods and in the children's hospital. Now, Scribe's art is on the pages of his brand new, all-ages chapter book, The Resound Fields, which released this month from Outland Entertainment. In the story, Rumpus, a rhino stuck in a job he doesn't like, skips work to indulge in art and music and soon finds himself on an epic, Wonderland-style adventure. The strange new land where Rumpus travels is ruled by despotic rabbits, who control the population with mind-numbing cupcakes. Rumpus's connection to the place sends him on a quest to discover the truth about his family—and himself.

The Resound Fields cover art: Rumpus the rhino, wearing a yellow jacket and red backpack, looking off at purple mountains in the distance.

For more behind-the-scenes information about Scribe, check out this media:
Scribe's Instagram (a sneak peek of Resound Fields and more of his art)
Visit KC's feature of Scribe's famous murals

Look for The Resound Fields at bookstores near you, or order directly from the Outland Entertainment website.

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