Bullets & Bleedthroughs

The world of Papa Lucy and the Boneman is now a 5e RPG thanks to Bullets & Bleedthroughs!

game Info

Creator & Game Designer: Jason Fischer
Illustrator: Ger Curti
Cover: Steve Firchow
Editor: Chris Helton
Formats Available: Print & PDF

Edition: First
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about the game

Welcome to the world of the Now, an unforgiving place, settled by survivors from the dead world of Before

Crooked Folk stalk the dusty Inland, pouncing on travelers too stupid to hide behind a town wall. Leicesterites spread their rite across the lands, sniffing for bleedthroughs full of Before treasure. Bird-Riders race on their ten-feet tall birds towards loot and carnage.

In the absence of Papa Lucy and the Family, Magicians rule over the scattered Towns. They practice the lost magical arts of that world, even as civilization slips through their fingers. Forbidden and operating in secret are the Jesusmen, an outlawed order of knights-errant, tasked with guarding the settlers from otherworldly predators. By shotgun, mark and word, they guard that thin veil between the worlds.

You are a new Mob, a wandering gang determined to survive by any means. The Water-Barons rule the muggy rot of the Riverland, and the farms of the Overland are watched by well-armed Coin-Riders. The only place left for you is the Inland, a place of dust and flies, where only the brutal survive.

So, find your guns in the Bleedthroughs. 

Feed your people any way you can, even if you must cook and eat your own. 

It’s time to make your mark, and if it takes fire and blood, do it well.