Where the Veil is Thin—now available on Audible!

These are not your daughter’s faerie stories…and now they’re available in audiobook form!

Outland Entertainment is proud to announce the launch of Where the Veil is Thin on Audible, narrated by Adam Hatch. Featuring stories by Seanan Maguire, Glenn Parris, Carlos Hernandez, C.S.E Cooney, and Gwendolyn N. Nix, this dark fantasy anthology starring the fae folk is clever, creepy, and creative.

Around the world, there are tales of creatures that live in mist or shadow, hidden from humans by only the slightest veil. In Where the Veil Is Thin, these creatures step into the light. Some are small and harmless. Some are bizarre mirrors of this world. Some have hidden motives, while others seek justice against humans who have wronged them.

In these pages, you will meet blood-sucking tooth fairies and gentle boo hags, souls who find new shapes after death and changelings seeking a way to fit into either world. You will cross the veil—but be careful that you remember the way back.

"I had a blast with this anthology, the writing is incredibly creative! I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did reading them!” says narrator Adam Hatch.

Where the Veil is Thin was edited by Alana Joli Abbott and Cerece Rennie Murphy. It’s also available in paperback and ebook formats.

--Scott Colby

Scott Colby is not only Outland Entertainment's Senior Editor, but he's also the author of the Deviant Magic series and The Black Yonnix: A Bitter End. You can also follow him over at his Instagram @scottwritesfine. There is no amount of money you could offer to convince him to mess with the fae folk.

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