Coming soon: Kate Martin's The Fallen, book two in the Myst & Labrythings series


Kate Martin's Myst & Labrynths saga continues in The Fallen, available now for preorder before its release on June 20.

Cover of The Fallen by Kate Martin

With Lillianna, mother of all demons, turned to ash, Olin has stepped up to place himself upon the throne of The One High God in her stead. And with Kai at his side, he may just have the power to succeed.

Still struggling to control his abilities, for both practical and romantic reasons, Bri travels to find a new teacher-someone with firsthand experience dealing with the myst.

Alec, his first responsibility always keeping Bri safe, finds himself tempted by his past. It seems not everything he grieved has stayed dead, and that means facing the reality of his own bargain, and what it wrought.

The battle for the throne has only just begun, and the game is in play. Whoever holds the pieces controls the board, and Alec and Bri will have to face demons both inner and outer in order to have any say in how this game plays out.

As the editor on this project, I'm more than a bit biased, but I have to say that Kate's prose is tight, her characters are relatable and compelling, and her setting just keeps becoming cooler. There's family drama! Romance, both wholesome and suspicious! Dark magic! Deep, enthralling lore! If you're a fan of The Locked Tomb series or Outland's own Papa Lucy and the Boneman, you'll dig this.

And if you're a book behind in the Myst & Labrynths series, the first title, The Soulless, is available now. We're running a 20% off promo on all books through June, so this is a great time to get caught up!

Scott Colby is not only Outland Entertainment's Senior Editor, but he's also the author of the Deviant Magic series and The Black Yonnix: A Bitter End. You can also follow him over at his Instagram @scottwritesfine. He really, really hopes he doesn't have a secret twin brother studying evil magic.

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