Galefire: Live on Kickstarter

Hold onto your airships, daring adventurers! The day has arrived. Galefire, an original role playing setting for 5e, is live on Kickstarter!

A hero jumps from an airship to fight a demon

If you like:

  • daring heroics
  • big blasters
  • airship adventures
  • gigantic demons threatening the known world
  • shadowy syndicates
  • and big mugs of coffee…

Galefire is a game you need to check out. Come over to Kickstarter and join your fellow adventurers in a world of sky ships and cataclysms—and devil-may-care characters ready for whatever comes next.

-Alana Joli Abbott is the Editor-in-Chief of Outland Entertainment, and she would not want to fight any of the Galefire NPCs for the last mug of coffee.

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