Music that Moves the Soul (Unless You've Sold It to a Demon)

When Outland's marketing guru asked me to write a blog post about music that moves me in support of the release of Bloody Waters by Jason Franks, my first thought was: how do I do this without just listing all the pop punk hits of the late 90s and early 00s? My usual playlists are about as broad and deep as a raindrop.

But that's when I realized that this is all about me, and the strong emotions music has instilled in my cold heart, and not about impressing anyone else about what I do and don't know—which I'd say is exactly the kind of rock'n'roll attitude Bloody Waters is all about.

Bloody Waters cover; art by Chris Yarbrough

So with no further ado, here's a few songs that have moved me. Hit it!

“Don't Take Me for Granted,” Social Distortion

Music should be your worn in leather jacket, your first broken heart on a Saturday night, and the volume in your f'ed up teenage band. I've always had a thing for punk songs with a bit of melancholy to them, and Social D injects a bit of real world blues into every track they've put out. The lyrics in this one are a battle cry of sorts, a challenge to the listener to think back on their experiences and appreciate them all for what they were. For me, it's a reminder that things don't go as planned, that the world around me and the people in it have their own agency, and that you can learn and grow from even the most unexpected experiences.

“The Cheap Seats,” Alabama

Surprised? I went through a country music phase in my early teens, and this was a favorite to belt out in the passenger seat of my father's van as we drove to the next construction site to hang trim or install cabinets. It's about baseball, and growing up, and moving on, and watching the place you left behind change on its own in your absence. I always get a little wistful when those opening chords hit, and by the first chorus I'm right back there in that work truck, smelling the sawdust and daydreaming about moving to the city, oblivious to how both of those experiences will shape the person I became.

“Smooth” by Santana

My go-to karaoke song. My favorite jukebox crowd pleaser/annoyer. Source of so many cheesy, well-timed jokes. Music doesn't always have to be about complicated emotions and whispering the words that melt everyone; sometimes it's just simple fun. Let's don't forget about it.

Scott Colby

Scott Colby is not only Outland Entertainment's Senior Editor, who worked with Jason Franks on the upcoming Bloody Waters, but he's also the author of the Deviant Magic series and Voyage of the Black Yonnix. You can also follow him over at his Instagram @scottwritesfine.

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