Galefire Coming to Kickstarter!

From the mind of illustrator and author Michael Rookard comes a wild, deadly world of high-flying combat fit for a sky pirate! Join the Slayer’s Guild, board your airship, rev up your autocannon and get ready to face down the forces of the Primordial Devourer, all in search of riches beyond your imagination in Galefire, a new sci-fi/fantasy setting featuring a 5E compatible world for you to explore, coming to Kickstarter on June 13th!

Introducing the harsh world of Talinoth, its massive continental worldplates orbit around the planetary core of galefire, an immensely powerful fuel source. Talinoth was once overrun with war as the forces of the Primordial Devourer battled against the cruel Demons and their elemental Archon counterparts, as each struggled for domination of the planet. Fortunately for the sentient species who resided upon Talinoth, the war subsided, and an age of prosperity has been enjoyed by all… well, as long as you don’t run into the monstrosities, demons or lich-lords, of course.

Inspired by the fast-paced and over-the-top action of sunday morning cartoons, Galefire includes a full spread of character options for your favorite roleplaying game, including species, backgrounds, weaponry and class features particularly suited for adventures in the world of Talinoth or any hybrid table. From daring bounty hunters leaping into demonic hordes armed only with their doomsaw or a clever sky pirate blasting their aethercannon from the deck of their airship, the world of galefire is as bombastic and over-the-top as you want to make it. Using the included Fame System, characters can defy all the odds and perform heroic feats previously unimaginable.

Cover of Galefire; art by Michael Rookard


Step into the thrilling world of Galefire, where swashbuckling escapades and daring exploits take flight amidst the boundless magic of the open skies!

Prepare to be enthralled by Talinoth, a realm once shackled by eldritch oppressors, ravenous demons, and formidable elemental deities. But fear not, for a new era of relative peace has dawned upon this mystical land, teeming with fantastical creatures and enlightened cooperation among sentient beings. In the heart of this vibrant world, stand valiant and villainous personalities ready to steal, soar, and slay their way to wealth and riches beyond the dreams of those who call this monster-infested landscape home.

Join a crew, pilot a skyship, and with sails unfurled and spirits ablaze, embark on a daring quest, fueled by the promise of unrivaled adventure and unimaginable riches from a bygone golden age.

With every bounty you pursue, your renown grows, and the excitement of hunting bigger and more deadly bounties fill you will dreams of glory and power as you delve into unknown territories teaming with horrors from an age when the world was still young.

In Galefire, the stakes are high, the adrenaline surges and the rewards are as grand as the dreams that fuel a hero's heart.

Brace yourself for an electrifying journey where danger and fortune dance on a razor's edge. The world of Galefire awaits, ready to sweep you away on a spellbinding voyage that will leave you breathless and yearning for more!

Enter the exciting world of high adventure, ancient mysteries and swashbuckling on the Galefire skies, coming soon to Kickstarter!

—Emmeryn “Em” Palladino

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