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Even Fate can live to regret the choices it makes. Step into the mysterious Hollowlands in the first issue of Outland Entertainment’s latest comic series, Intrepid Dusk, launching on Kickstarter June 20, 2023! Created by Jon Gregerson and written by Johnathan Yanez, it’s a story of shadowy government psychic experiments gone wrong—and leading the participants to a parallel universe teeming with intrigue and ferocious creatures.

There exists a world outside of our own, a world only explored through mental experimentation by the most powerful government-funded corporations.

Years have passed since Elena's grandmother disappeared down the rabbit hole of these shadow initiatives. Now, to find her, Elena must become a willing participant to the unknown and travel where few have dared in order to confront an ancient evil that threatens to destroy her world.

This issue includes pencils and inks by Roberto Viacava, colors by Steve Firchow, and lettering and logo by Shannon Potratz.

As the editor, I was hooked on Intrepid Dusk’s themes immediately. Shows about cryptids and strange government conspiracies were a regular part of the TV rotation while I was growing up, and Intrepid Dusk does a fantastic job tapping into that vibe to present a creative story with a strong female protagonist. Elena is literally walking in her grandmother’s footsteps, and I can’t wait to see where that journey takes her.

Your chance to fall down the rabbit hole into this conspiracy begins on Kickstarter!

--Scott Colby

Scott Colby is not only Outland Entertainment's Senior Editor, who worked with Jon Gregerson and the team on Intrepid Dusk, but he's also the author of the Deviant Magic series and Final Voyage of the Black Yonnix. You can also follow him over at his Instagram @scottwritesfine. He would love to sign up for a secret government remote viewing experiment if you know of any openings.

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