The Black Yonnix: A Bitter End Audiobook Now Available!

One of Outland Entertainment's first audiobooks hails from the world of Pileaus. It's the most swashbuckling adventure since Captain Jack asked where all the rum went: The Black Yonnix: A Bitter End, written by Scott Colby and narrated by Caleb Summers.

Kensey Vardallian may be young and foolish…

But he’ll stop at nothing to sate the need for vengeance consuming him after his grandfather’s murder at the hands of an oppressive villain.

Not only that, but his family’s ancestral treasure is stolen and lies in the hands of a greedy count.

When Kensey finds himself in the midst of a scheme with a crew of rowdy, scheming pirates, he discovers there might just be a chance for him to take down his grandfather’s killer and recover the treasure all at once.

As the crew of the Black Yonnix infiltrates a strictly controlled city with a daring plan, Kensey must pay out his rope to the bitter end and face down demons both inside and out…

And quickly adapt to his new life as an outlaw or die trying.

Cover of the Black Yonnix: A Bitter End

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Read more about The Black Yonnix and author Scott Colby at:
The Black Yonnix Cover
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