The Unmade Man: A Story of Pileaus


The Unmade Man
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Frequently, fantasy tales fit within certain predictable guidelines. The types of characters one encounters in the story fit neatly into the same categories that characters from the last fantasy book one read would fit into. This one, however, is fresh and new. The tale was well-told, it had plot-twists I never saw coming, and the characters were very real, interesting individuals. I enjoyed every page.
Matthew Alan Groznik
Matthew Alan Groznik
The Unmade Man
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This was a very fun read. It started off a little slow, I thought, but that didn't stop it from hooking me. As I read more, the hooks sank deeper until I ended up staying awake at night longer than normal just to finish one more page, then one more chapter.

Book Info

Author: Daniel Tyler Gooden
Editor: Gwendolyn N. Nix
Cover Illustrator: Chris Yarbrough
Cover Design: Jeremy D. Mohler
Interior Design: Mikael Brodu
Formats Available: Trade Paperback · PDF/Epub/Mobi · Audio
Edition: Second

about the book

The job should’ve been simple, but in Boruin’s experience, nothing ever is.

Somehow, the young mute boy he’s been hired to bring in can read the mysterious runes on his arms. Somehow, this boy can create magic with them. And somehow, Bourin’s blank past is suddenly full of questions he’s desperate to answer.

As a simple job transforms from betrayal into the beginnings of an epic journey, Bourin seeks out answers to his past with his trusted companions: Wraithe, a protector whose methods sometimes turn violent; Pile, a young relic-hunter; and Toaaho, sworn to Bourin’s servitude with marks of his own. As they cross mysterious jungles full of monsters, floating forests full of flying sharks, and cave systems teeming with golems, Bourin begins to understand his fate is inexorably entwined with the boy’s. But does that spell his salvation, or his doom?

Life on the Pilean continent grows more interesting by the hour…

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