Althingi: One Will Rise Card Game Now Available!

The long anticipated card game from the Althingi World is finally here!

Iceland, 931 A.D.

The Icelandic chieftains that hold power in each district meet every year at Thingvellir for the Althingi.

Each player takes the role of a powerful Icelandic chieftain and aims to gain the greatest influence at the Althingi through bribery, extortion, and, if needed, bloodshed.

Quick and simple set up. Strategic bidding and balance of power. Historically themed Viking art.

Althing: One Will Rise is a compact card game for solo to four players that lasts about 45 minutes simulating the political maneuverings of the Althingi court. The gorgeous illustrations are historically accurate and, in some cases, inspiration for stories in our upcoming anthology Althingi: The Crescent and the Northern Star, a collection of stories inspired by the historically-based interactions of Vikings and Muslim explorers, and a new novel by Kaitlin Felix.

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