Kinterlands: Siege Command

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game Info

Creator & Game Designer: Ryan Collins
Robert Nix
Graphic Design: Angie Bayman & Michelle Dreher
Logo & Cover Graphic Design: Jeremy Mohler
Formats Available:
Edition: First

about the game

Capture and hold the turrets in each of the four lanes to destroy your opponent’s walls.

Secretly prepare units and spells during the simultaneous planning phase. Then adapt your strategy while taking turns resolving cards in the action phase.

About the world of Kinterlands:

Several Tribes speckle the sprawling landscapes of The Continent, spawning dozens of unique cultures and hand-tailored histories in a world with a mysterious distant past. To earn a place in these tales, a Tribe must learn not only to survive – but to thrive. While most Tribes today have developed their way of life within the secure confines of solitude, others continue a tradition of seizing their security by force.

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Siege Command Overview

Siege Command Setup