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PILEAUS. A world of music, magic, and endless mystery, brought to readers by ten authors in this anthology of short tales.

Symphony No. 1 is an anthology of short stories by ten authors:

Alana Joli Abbott, Andrew Schneider, Dylan Birtolo, Emma Melville, Gwendolyn N. Nix, Jeff Limke, Mark Adams, Max Gladstone, Robert Lee Beers, and Scott Colby.

With a foreword by Max Gladstone and edited by Scott Colby.

Otherworldly Fae kidnapping mortal musicians to satisfy their strange desires.

An innocent girl who can read people’s secrets.

A skyship pilot drawn out to sea by a song only she can hear.

A pregnant mother protecting her child with the help of friendly forest spirits.

These are the stories of Pileaus, a world of music, magic, and endless mystery, brought to readers by ten authors in this anthology of short tales.

While the Empire expands, the bards scheme, and the ethereal Fae play their immortal games, life goes on in countless ways. What is the essence of a land but its people, as their small parts weave together to form a beautiful symphony?


What’s left of the once proud Pilean Empire is under siege from threats both internal and external. Ommany, Thila, Ud, and the pirates of Brailee’s Steps have all set their sights on the empire’s land and resources. It is a time of war and strife, but also of discovery and opportunity. The race to control the north has brought with it major steps forward in science, technology, and sorcery, all of which are also contributing to the chaos in their own unique ways. Meanwhile, there’s a whole wide world out there many northerners have forgotten about.

A race of aquatic zealots plunders the seas and coasts. Far to the south, a small Cluster of younger, more progressive nations becomes more powerful every day. Dark secrets and ancient ruins await discovery in the center of the continent. More and more musicians learn to weave amazing magic with their songs. Immortal demigods in a wondrous parallel dimension endlessly debate the fate of these chaotic mortals—and occasionally intervene. Life on the Pilean continent grows more interesting by the hour.

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