Nightfell Tombpunk RPG Launched on Kickstarter!

Fans of Nicolas R. Giacondino's fantasy and science fiction bridging comic Nightfell, fans of Alan Bahr's Tombpunk RPG, and newcomers to both now have the opportunity to play in a world where the falling of a ten-year-long night brings monsters to the surface of the world. Only the Risen—undead who Rise only during the nightfell, stand between humanity and the hungry, violent creatures of the Beneath. But the cycles of light and dark harbor secrets that not even those who Rise Nightfell after Nightfell have uncovered…

NIghtfell now on Kickstarter

Welcome to the Long Night...

Nightfell is an RPG set in a fantasy realm where the light of various Suns illuminates the surface of the planet Ert for a period of ninety years. This allows humanity to thrive in its great cities without the threat of the underworld creatures that bide their time until the coming of darkness: a period of ten years in which the Suns rest and the land is ripe for conquest under the shadows.

Using the fast-paced, narrative-driven Tombpunk system, Nightfell flips the ages-old Fantasy trope, making zombies the heroic defenders of humankind against all sorts of eldritch creatures bent on their destruction.

Whether it be exploring ancient fallen cities for treasure or making a last stand at the walls of a mighty City, your only limit will be your imagination...and the strength of your weapons against the dark!

In addition to new rules to use with the Tombpunk core system, the Nightfell RPG features four brand new micro-settings offering hooks for playing on Ert.

  • Explore Kamteh, the setting of the original graphic novel, with D. W. Vogel.
  • Buy parts for Risen at a seedy underground parts market with Kimberly Pauley.
  • Attend a school for embalmers in its heydey—or search through its ruins—with Amie Rose Rotruck.
  • And finally, get a sneak peek at the setting of Vogel's forthcoming novel, Nightfell: The Risen, in the city of Somteh.

You'll also get to feast on new artwork by Giacondino, with all new locations and characters.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to be one of Nightfell RPG's first backers!

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