Papa Lucy & The Boneman Now Available!

The first volume of Jason Fischer's Books of Before and Now series, Papa Lucy & The Boneman, is now available for purchase at all good bookstores everywhere (or directly from us)!

Papa Lucy saved the human race. He was a sorcerer, a lawmaker, a god.

Papa Lucy led millions from the fires and destruction of the Before, into a savage new world known as the Now.

Then, when the crops failed, when the livestock died, Papa Lucy gave hope. He gave civilisation to the broken leftovers of humanity, their minds wiped blank when they stumbled after him, through the secret places and out into
the Now.

Papa Lucy saved the human race.

Papa Lucy lied.

Check out this starred review from Publisher's Weekly for Papa Lucy & The Boneman!

You can purchase Papa Lucy & The Boneman at all fine bookstores or directly from us right here!

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