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Now available at all good bookstores, Scott Colby's Shotgun! This is the second book in the Deviant Magic series and follows A Date With Death. If you like your urban fantasy with a touch of humor, interesting situations, and shadowy powers-that-be, you'll certainly love Shotgun. Edited by Gwendolyn N. Nix with a cover by Ann Marie Cochran.

Roger’s a mild-mannered family man who inadvertently stole the most important magic in the elves’ arsenal. Talora’s a pyromancer who literally burns through her memories. Individually, neither’s more than a minor annoyance to the shadowy powers-that-be. Together, however, the Witch knows they can change the world—assuming they survive her complicated scheme to unite them against her enemies.

Read an excerpt here!

And don't forget about the previous book, A Date With Death, or the upcoming sequel, Diary of a Fairy Princess!

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