Outland Entertainment Partners with KickCTRL

Hello folks! I know that things have been a bit quiet most of the last year, but things have been grinding along! We've been looking into ways to correct some of our past mistakes, namely, the extreme mismanagement of our crowdfunding campaigns. We KNOW we have really screwed things up. What we've been doing this past year is assessing just how badly we have screwed up and how we can go about fixing what we screwed up. Now, we're well aware that we've been pretty terrible at -
  • communication with our backers;
  • managing production timelines;
  • and delivering our products in a timely manner.
We recognize that these have been major problems of ours. There's no excuse, outside of terrible management on our part. And we're taking steps to fixing these problems. You know that saying - Admitting you have a problem is the first step in fixing the problem? Well, that's what we're doing. Admitting the problem and taking steps to fix it. To that end, we've partnered with a company that specializes in helping to correct mismanaged campaigns (which is a category we firmly fall into). They also manage campaigns from start to finish as well, which we'll be taking them up on moving forward. This is KickCTRL. KickCTRL is taking over the delivery of any and all outstanding projects we're working on. They will also be handling the projects that we will be running in the future as well. All projects we run moving forward will be COMPLETE before we run the crowdfunding campaign, and we'll be turning over the material to KickCTRL at the start of the campaign and they will have full autonomy on the project until it delivers. We're really looking forward to straightening everything out. We have a plan to deliver all outstanding material in place and KickCTRL will be starting the implementation of everything shortly. We'll be updating the various KS pages with these updates soon. More soon!

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