Apex Theropod Collected Edition Kickstarter

Hello everybody! We just wanted to share the news that the Apex Theropod: Deck Building Game will be launching on Kickstarter next week. Right now, we're planning to call this the "Collected Edition." This version of the game includes a new box with all new box artwork and collects not only the BASE GAME, but also the three primary expansions, STOMPING GROUNDS, SAUROPHAGANAX, THERIZINOSAURUS, and the PHD exclusive SUCHOMIMUS deck. Additionally, we're offering the option to get a couple Kickstarter exclusive decks that are only available through the Kickstarter campaign and nowhere else! The MEGALODON and PROMETHEAN WARS decks! The game has been off the market for the last couple years and this is all about getting it back out into the world. Since Outland took over the project from Herschel Hoffmeier, we've received many inquiries from folks looking to find their own copy of the game. Your inquiries have not fallen on deaf ears! We're going to be keeping this project pretty simple and direct. We're raising funds to do another print run on the game, which is what will be going out to backers and, after we deliver to everybody, we'll be putting it back out on the market as well. A couple other items, just for clarity - We will be working with a company called KickCTRL. We'll be the first to admit - we've not always done the best at managing our Kickstarter campaigns (in fact, we've been pretty terrible). We're working to turn that around. KickCTRL will be running the campaign, coordinating response, managing the funds, production, printing, and shipping. This is their sole focus! We are incredibly excited to be working with them on this project! KickCTRL has also very thoroughly quoted out the prices to print and ship the game. Our goal for the KS allows us to do a substantial print run and deliver the games as soon as they are printed. This is the same printer that printed the second edition of Apex, so they are a known quantity in terms of quality and delivery. Furthermore, they have an amazing warehouse in Chicago that can pack and ship all the games to the backers. So, dependent upon a successful campaign, we will be able to immediately order the games as soon as the campaign completes. It'll take about a month to print everything and a month and a half to ship it to our warehouse in Chicago, so we fully expect to start shipping games tentatively no later than April, 2020 (with a bit of a buffer built in for any potential delays). We're very excited about this and we're looking forward to getting the game into your hands! Thank you!

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