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Hello folks! We just launched a stock art initiative on Patreon! Outland Entertainment has provided thousands of images to publishers over the years, ranging from black/white quarter page illustration to full color covers, interior artwork, and graphic design. Over the years, Outland has also generated many, many illustrations for in-house use and we have a massive library of illustration that has never been released...until now! If you become our patron, you will contribute every time we release new stock art! We aim to release 2 to 3 creations per week. You can select a pledge level, and you can also set a maximum number of illustrations to support each month. By doing this, you only pay what you can budget.
  • Stock Art releases every Monday and Friday
  • PLUS one full color cover image per month
  • Creations can be:
    • Characters/Figures & Creatures
    • Landscapes & Scenes
    • Items and more
About the Illustrations We will be uploading illustrations each week from the various artists that we work with. Patron tiers give you access to a high resolution version of the art. Every single illustration uploaded will be sold as stock art in our store and on various online stores at a minimum of $6.95 (and up), offering you huge savings via this Patreon. Each image will be provided as a 300dpi image. Other Stock Art Every illustration will be uploaded to our various stores the week after it releases through our Patreon. So you not only get big savings, but you also get first shot at each new illustration! Commercial License You can download a commercial license for review at the following link: Stock Art License. This license will be included in all stock art provided. Personal Use You may use any artwork posted here for personal use (non-commercial) projects as long as you provide a credit notice (Copyright 20XX Outland Entertainment LLC) and a link to this Patreon page. Feel free to ask us any questions you might have! In the mean time, please go check it out! Thanks!

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