Outland Entertainment Acquires Christopher Helton's Action Heroes RPG

Outland Entertainment is proud to announce the acquisition of Christopher Helton’s Action-Heroes: Adventure RPG.

Action-Heroes is a cinematic toolkit role-playing game that gives gaming groups the tools to adapt their favorite fictional world and explore those worlds through games and stories. The game encourages heroic action that can inspire the players to become their own larger than life heroes.

Action-Heroes is one of the games that Outland Entertainment Games Director Christopher Helton brought with him for publication when he joined the company last year. “Action-Heroes is a game that I had been running at conventions during the couple of years leading up to the pandemic,” said Helton. “Players enjoyed the playthroughs, and I received some pretty solid feedback on the game. During the pandemic, I started a Patreon to develop my RPG ideas and the feedback that I received from backers then helped to solidify my ideas about what to do with the game.” A gamer since the late nineteen-seventies, Action-Heroes draws upon Helton’s experiences as a game master and designer to develop practical advice for new game masters and help them be able to run the game.

Action-Heroes combines traditional role-playing game approaches with story-based mechanics that empower players to create a safer space for exploring widescreen heroic action during games. Players and game masters can collaboratively create and explore worlds while telling stories and seeking adventure for their larger than life, cinematic characters. The rules empower players to be at the center of the stories created. Rules and guidelines encourage players to do big, important things with their characters, while game masters are encouraged to work collaboratively with the group to tell big stories.

An ashcan edition of Action-Heroes will be available in PDF form for people who want to play the game before the launch of the Kickstarter. The ashcan edition is a complete and playable game, but does not contain some of the extras that the final game will eventually have. The final game will have an alternate set of rules for magic, guidance for building powers and special abilities, and a section with world-building tips and guidelines for collaborative world-building. While the core Action-Heroes game is settingless, development has already begun on adapting existing Outlander Entertainment worlds to its rules. In addition, new rules and campaign tools are being planned for the game, promising to expand the self-contained core rules in exciting directions. We also have adaptations of some of the settings published by Outland Entertainment in fiction and comics planned for release as well.

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