Outrider Publications Announces First All-New Deadlands Comic Starring Billy the Kid

Outrider Publications, an imprint from Outland Entertainment, and Pinnacle Entertainment Group are proud to announce their first all-new Deadlands comic series starring the legendary Billy the Kid!

In the real world, Billy the Kid became an outlaw and folk hero, whose escapades have spawned a legion of enthusiasts. In the world of Deadlands, Billy will pursue a different road into legend as he becomes a teenage monster hunter! His life is forever changed when his family joins a caravan heading west into the Colorado Territory in 1872. Now he must face all the darkest threats that the Deadlands Universe can throw at him.

Created and written by Outrider's Editor-in-Chief, C. Edward Sellner with art from Rully Akbar and Melinda Timpone and lettering from Jacob Bascle, Deadlands: The Kid promises to be a thrilling ride into the desperate wilds of the weird west.

Preview art for Deadlands: The Kid

The first issue of the series has been announced as a free stretch goal in Outrider's Deadlands: Dead Man's Hand Kickstarter, so all backers of the campaign will receive it. A stand-alone Kickstarter campaign for issues 1 and 2 will be launched this summer.

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