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game Info

Creator & Game Designer: Christopher Helton
Editor: Jack Norris
Illustration: Lee Oaks
Lee Oaks & Paul Little
Graphic Design: Jeremy D. Mohler
Formats Available: Print & PDF
Edition: First

about the game

Action-Heroes is a cinematic toolkit role-playing game that gives gaming groups the tools to adapt their favorite fictional world and explore those worlds through games and stories.

The game encourages heroic action that can inspire the players to become their own larger than life heroes. Action-Heroes encourages collaborative play in a group that give players the tools to play characters that are larger than life doing explosive action that roots them as the center of their world. Game masters have the tools to bring their favorite worlds to life, and set loose the players’ characters in them to find wide-screen, cinematic adventures. Playable by groups of three to six people, Action-Heroes needs a game master and players to launch you into world of adventure role-playing.