Negocios Infernales—Launching Soon!

Players at GenCon walked away from their table wearing deelie-boppers and a huge smile. Some called the game "their best memory from GenCon"; others just considered it the game of the con. What is it? Negocios Infernales, the diceless, DM-less, collaborative role playing game, where you play a secret wizard—with a chosen doom if you fail.

Box Mock up for Negocios Infernales game

Now, that game is headed to Kickstarter! With a launch date of October 10, 2023, Negocios Infernales is in its final stages of preparation for a larger audience. What is it all about?

DM-less. Diceless. Cooperative Roleplay. Come, meet your doom.
Negocios Infernales, or Infernal Negotiations, is a cooperative roleplaying game, created by C.S.E. Cooney and Carlos Hernandez, that centers around the “Deck of Destiny” (“La Baraja del Destino”), a custom deck of 70 cards featuring gorgeous artwork by Rebecca Huston.
To stave off an inquisition in a nation much like medieval Spain, aliens appeared, intending to save humanity from themselves. The humans assumed these aliens were devils, and offered to sell their souls in exchange for powers beyond mortal comprehension. Who were the aliens to say no? These players, wizards in the court of Reina Resoluta of Espada, solve problems using their newfound magic—and create almost as many along the way—all while the aliens judge whether they're ready to join the "cosmic consciousness" and begin humanity's next evolution.
Much like a fortune teller reads cards to portend futures dire and blissful, the players interpret the cards they draw to determine the successes, failures, and fates of the wizards they play. Together, they quest on behalf of Reina Resoluta to save Espada—or, depending on the luck of the deck, just to save their own skins.

In addition to a quick-start guide and step-by-step guidelines, the rule book contains the script for a full game played by creators (and award-winning writers) C.S.E. Cooney and Carlos Hernandez, giving readers a chance to feel like they're also sitting at the table with the creators.

Head over to Kickstarter and get ready to choose your own doom!

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