Available today: Shadowmancy by Jason Franks!

Ever wonder what Hogwarts would be like if every student were Drako Malfoy? Find out in Shadowmancy, the latest dark fantasy adventure from Jason Franks!

On a mountain that does not exist, there is a school where they teach the impossible.

From his first day at the Academy, things are difficult for Quay. Though he has surrendered his name, like every other acolyte at the magical school, Quay is the son of a disgraced professor, and he finds that his father’s old enemies are already lined up against him–while the professor’s own faction is just as suspicious. Quay refuses to take a side, but as his powers grow it becomes apparent that the damaged young boy may prove a greater threat than his father ever was.

A crisp, fast-paced tale akin to Franks's Bloody Waters, Shadowmancy's mix of terrifying creatures, ominous setting, and devilish sorcery set a perfect tone for the start of the Halloween season! It's even more unsettling than the fact that summer's somehow over.
- Scott Colby, Senior Editor and an author with Outland Entertainment, wishes his magic was as deviant as Quay's. If you don't get that joke, go look at his listings in the store page. We'll wait.

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