Alana's Super Secret Space Bundle


Hey you.

Alana here. You may have seen my Instagram post, and that's how you got here. Or maybe you're just savvy at browsing the Internet and finding good deals. Because I'm about to give you one!

Static over Space: Gravity and Lies

Outland has three amazing space opera adjacent books that are near and dear to my heart: Static over Space: Gravity and Lies by C.G. Volars, Bridge to Elsewhere co-edited by Julia Rios and yours truly, and Ladyhoppers by Sarah Thérèse Pelletier and Scott James Taylor, which officially released on August 8. 

If you add all three and check out between today and August 31, you get 30% off with the code SPACESEEKRIT. That's essentially getting one of these awesome books for free!

Just remember, it's a secret!



Alana Joli Abbott is the Editor in Chief at Outland Entertainment and is a huge fan of space operas. She may have started writing Star Wars fan fiction before she knew that fan fiction was a thing. You can check out more of her editing adventures by following her on Instagram.

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