Cult Classic DRAGONRING Returns to Comics

Outland Entertainment is pleased to announce the return of DRAGONRING, a cult classic comic book series, and the launch of a new comic book multiverse. The new series will be scripted by New York Times bestselling writer Cullen Bunn.

Originally published in 1986 by Aircel Publishing, DRAGONRING was a pulp horror/adventure series by Barry Blair and Guan Yap. The series ran in two volumes, comprised of 21 issues. The book featured globe-hopping adventure, martial arts, and cosmic horror.

Outland Entertainment founder Jeremy D. Mohler acquired the rights to DRAGONRING, along with numerous other projects from the Barry Blair library, in 2016. Outland has published several new comics based on this collection, notably ELFLORD and WARLOCK FIVE.

“Aircel Publishing was one of the most innovative and influential independent publishers of their time (and possibly of all time).” said Mohler. “It’s an absolute pleasure to have an opportunity to expand on Aircel’s legacy with this project.”

Cullen Bunn, writer of such comic book hits as THE SIXTH GUN, HARROW COUNTY, BASILISK, and DEADPOOL KILLS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE, is partnering with Outland to write this new vision of the classic comic to life. Illustrator Shannon Potratz will be bringing his unique, vivid style to the comic.

“One part sequel, one part re-imagination, this new incarnation of DRAGONRING is a perfect starting point for new fans,” said Bunn. “We are introducing new heroes, new villains, and a new mystery.”

Bunn also stated that DRAGONRING will also serve as a springboard to a new comic book multiverse.

“In the original series, the Dragonring was known to be a powerful artifact, but its origins and potential were never truly realized. We will be building a wild new mythology for the ring. At the same time, we will be tying it to a vast multiverse that encompasses many heroes, horrors, and hair-raising adventures.”

In addition, DRAGONRING will be a launching point for a new comic book shared universe.

“Not just a shared universe,” said Bunn, “but a shared multiverse.”

Outland has five initial series planned as part of this multiversal endeavor. Bunn will be acting as architect and lead writer for the stories. ELFLORD, SAMURAI, GUN FURY, and DEMON HUNTER are all comic book series that will be part of this project. Each is inspired by a comic from the 80s, but the new books will be recrafted and recreated with fresh approaches.

“We have five unique universes,” said Bunn. “High fantasy, horrific apocalyptic, bizzarro crime dystopia, cyberpunk, and pulp adventure—all with a new attitude and a new style, all with a shared destiny. We’re building to something big here, and it all starts with DRAGONRING.”

Outland plans to crowdfund the initial material, launching the books on Kickstarter, but they will also be keeping an eye on the direct market, where these books will also be available.

“I’ve seen what Cullen has planned for this endeavor,” said Mohler, “and it’s going to absolutely knock your socks off.”

To celebrate the return of DRAGONRING, Outland Entertainment will be releasing a 10-page preview comic just in time for Planet Comicon in Kansas City, Missouri. The convention will be held on August 20 – 22, 2021. Outland Entertainment, Cullen Bunn, and Shannon Potratz will be in attendance. Rather than a sampling of content from the upcoming first issue, this 10-page comic will feature an original story introducing the lead character, tone, and direction of the series.

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