Outland Entertainment Acquires Michael Rookard's GALEFIRE for Games, Comics, & More

Outland Entertainment is excited to have acquired Michael Rookard's sci-fi/fantasy intellectual property GALEFIRE!

Welcome to the world of Galefire: swashbuckling, stylish adventure on the open skies of magic!

Talinoth, a magical world once ruled by tentacled enslavers, demons, and elemental deities, is now at relative peace - besides the monsters of course. A renaissance, even, as the various sentient species work together for a better future. Bounties are plentiful for our heroes, the Crimson Corsairs, their vault full of imperial gilt and Golden Era loot (supposedly), as they set off once again for adventure!

Created, written, and illustrated by Kansas City native Michael Rookard, Outland and Rookard plan to develop a series of illustrations, comics, and roleplaying games based on the setting.

Outland and Rookard plan to premiere a preview print comic at Planet Comicon in Kansas City, Missouri, August 20th-22nd, 2021. The preview comic will be a limited print run and will serve as an introduction to the world of GALEFIRE. Outland plans to first release the premiere comic for free online through their website, followed by a 5E roleplaying game that will go to Kickstarter in late 2021 or early 2022. A graphic novel is also in the works and will be released sometime in late 2022.

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