CG Volars's Debut Novel Static over Space: Gravity and Lies Takes Flight

CG Volars's Static over Space: Gravity and Lies Flies onto Bookstore Shelves

By Alana Joli Abbott

When a flying Earthling is kidnapped and shunted across the galaxy, with nary a sandwich to be seen, he might feel like he's at the wrong end of the universe. That's the case for Izo, the hero of CG Volars's debut novel, Static over Space: Gravity and Lies, releasing today, March 8, 2022. The launch date is intentional: it's International Women's Day, and Volars plays with themes of gender roles and #MeToo experiences in a madcap, space opera comedy, blending satire and sci-fi in an adventure that flips the script on character archetypes.

“You want to flutter off? Fine. But you’re going to get lost, we’re going to leave, and then you’ll REALLY never see Earth again.”

Izo’s insides burned. With every cell in his body, all he wanted to do was snap forward and yank the reptilian butthead off the side of the building. But he also had a sinking suspicion Glongkyle might not be lying; the jerk and his grimy spaceship might just be his only way home.

Volars's use of satire and absurd comedy to explore social themes is in the tradition of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy; her desire to play with gender roles in a space opera setting is likely to appeal to readers who also loved Kate Elliott's Unconquerable Sun—a tale of a gender bent Alexander the Great in space. And like Valerie Valdes's similarly humorous Chilling Effect, Static over Space: Gravity and Lies stars a Latinx main character; Izo and Volars are both Mexican American. With intergalactic pop stars, unscrupulous politicians, and con artists looking to get rich quick, Static over Space: Gravity and Lies launches readers into a brand new galaxy full of mayhem, madness, and fashion.

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