Outlandish Reviews: Meg Gandy's Godsend Volume One (Graphic Novel)

by Jeremy D. Mohler

Meg Gandy has got to be one of my favorite comic artists. She’s also probably one of the lesser known artists out there, which is such a shame. Her work is absolutely amazing in just about all regards, and I hope I can figure out a way to work with her at some point.

When I found out that she was crowdfunding a print volume of her webcomic, Godsend, I was totally on board to back it and help get it made.

Godsend is a webcomic written by Jesse Bausch (author of Strange Detective Tales) and illustrated by Meg Gandy running from 2010 to 2017. You can view it here.

Thousands of years ago, the myths say the other gods of the pantheon left, abandoning the earth to the all-father, Ahma. They also say one, the trickster Nyssen, will return with a vengeance, to end Ahma’s rule and enslave the people of the world. It's around this prophecy that a scattering of incredibly influential and power-obsessed religions have sprung. This is the world Dolan and Jaime, a couple of desperate street kids, are swept up into when Dolan accidentally pulls a god’s weapon from a rock.

But the prophecies go sour almost immediately. And our bickering, panicking heroes are left to make sense of a mission they know they don’t have the power to pull off.

The book is gorgeous. It’s black, white, and grayscale throughout. The art and story are totally engaging, and the level of detail that Meg puts into her work is amazing. The square format of the pages is wonderful as well.

The book itself is a square, perfect bound graphic novel collecting the first 150 pages of the webcomic series. Only 500 copies were made for this campaign, and I’m pleased that I have a copy of my own.

Meg Gandy's Godsend is a good example of a creator-owned series going to crowdfunding and finding success.

You can find more of Meg Gandy's gorgeous art on DeviantArt.

Comment below: What's a comic you love that had a small printing?

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