Party Favors: A 5E Compatible Coupon Book

Unveil the holiday magic at your Dungeons & Dragons table with "Party Favors," the ultimate coupon book designed for players!


Creator: Anton Kromoff, Alana Joli Abbott
Category: RPG Games
Age Range: Any
Vibes: Tabletop Gaming, Holiday Themed, Gift Ideas

In Short: A coupon book for all of your tabletop roleplaying needs! Party Favors makes the perfect gift for players who seek extra joy and excitement in their D&D and 5e compatible adventures.

What's It About: A coupon booklet that makes the perfect gift for your table of adventurers! The thirteen coupons within can be redeemed with your DM or storyteller to alter the tides of fate during your D&D or 5e compatible games. Get out of trouble, gain a bonus in a pinch, reroll a saving throw, and even more fantastic and festive effects!