Party Favors: A 5E Compatible Coupon Book

Unveil the holiday magic at your Dungeons & Dragons table with "Party Favors," the ultimate coupon book designed for players!


"Party Favors" is the perfect holiday treat for players who seek extra joy and excitement in their D&D and 5e Compatible adventures. This magical coupon book is filled with surprises crafted just for you. Redeemable at the table, these coupons bring a touch of festive delight to your gaming experience.

Each of the 13 coupons is a key to unlocking a new surprise, ensuring that the holiday spirit lasts throughout your gaming season. "Party Favors" is your ticket to a magical journey where every session brings a new layer of joy and excitement. Discover in-game advantages like a temporary boost to your character's abilities, a surprise magical item, or a special role-playing moment.

Get your digital copy to print off at home or email to friends on DriveThruRPG and and make this holiday season unforgettable for your gaming group.

"Party Favors" – because every player deserves a special treat at the table!