Books of Before & Now RPG: Engine Rattles & Road Battles

Fight, survive, and find your fortune in this role-playing game set in the brutal post-apocalyptic wasteland of Papa Lucy & the Boneman and The Jawbone & the Junkman.


Creator: Jason Fischer, illustrated by Ger Curti
Category: TTRPG Supplement
Age Range: Adult
Vibes: Post-apocalyptic, Mad Max meets The Dark Tower

In Short: A mid-level expansion to the Bullets & Bleedthroughs tabletop role-playing game, including new mechanics, classes, and an adventure.

What's It About: Channel your inner road warrior with this huge expansion for the Bullets & Bleedthroughs RPG. Contains the complete rules for wasteland vehicle, modifications, weapons and more. This module also contains two new character classes, the Rover and the Tinkerman, and the complete adventure The Beast of the Backroads (suitable for level 4 characters).


Jason Fischer - Creator/Writer/Game Designer
Jason Fischer is a writer who lives near Adelaide, South Australia. He has received a starred review in Publishers Weekly, won an Aurealis Award and the Writers of the Future Contest, and received the Colin Thiele Literature Scholarship. In Jason’s jack-of-all-trades writing career he has written for television and the stage, as well as a variety of prose projects such as novels, roleplaying games, and more. Jason also facilitates writing workshops, is an enthusiastic mentor, and loves anything to do with the written or spoken word.

Jason is also the founder and CEO of Spectrum Writing, a service that teaches professional writing skills to people on the Autism Spectrum. He is powered by Earl Grey tea, Dungeons & Dragons, godawful puns, karaoke, and the Oxford Comma.

Ger Curti - Illustrator
Ger Curti is a comic book artist and illustrator based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His work has appeared in the two times nominated horror anthology Chillers published by Caliber Comics and Troma Films, Ignition, from 215 Ink, Bloody F##king Revenge, from Challenger Comics and the independent comics Palooka, The Super Rich and Star, Man, from Person of Merit Comics. He´s also a frequent collaborator of Terminus, a comic magazine published in his country and does illustration work for Outland Entertainment, Goodman Games, Gallant Knight Games and Schwalb Entertainment.

Jeremy D. Mohler - Graphic Designer
Jeremy is an illustrator, graphic designer, and teacher based in Kansas City, Missouri. He is also the owner of Outland Entertainment.