The Holiday Season Begins: The Thanksgiving Paradox

Holiday Season is upon us. Stop trying to kid yourself by saying "It was just Thanksgiving, there's nearly a whole month till Christmas. There's plenty of time to get in the mood.". December is here. You've already been engulfed by the holiday lights, carols, flyers with perfect gifts for your loved ones and yourself. Maybe what's missing is the actual "Holiday Spirit". You know? Hanging out with your family, whispering about what the kids are getting from Santa this year. Is going to fall asleep before supper as usual? Thanksgiving was your thermometer: maybe you got the chance to be with relatives who come from afar - they might be working or living away from you and these occasions are always a nice moment to catch up - or you just had a quite dinner with your immediate family, savoring the turkey and watching the game. But then you had the List of all the things you absolutely needed to get on Black Friday and then, of course, Cyber Monday rolled in. So instead of still having that warm and fuzzy feeling inside from being with the ones you love, playing dull charades, watching cheesy movies, eating the last piece of pie with your kid sleeping on your lap (and your stomach bursting...), you are angry because you forgot the website that had that deal for that webinar and the toaster you wanted was grabbed by that stuffy old woman who stumped on your right foot. So first holiday aftermath for many: headaches, sore feet, too many extra pounds to count and only half of the things you wanted to buy. Not that "warm and fuzzy" after all, is it? There are exceptions! And if you're one of the lucky ones who didn't get swayed by the "buy,buy,buy" urges of this past weekend, I salute you. Yes, the perfect present is important (let's not kid ourselves, your wife has been repeatedly saying the name of that perfume and pointing to it in every department store for a reason) BUT don't forget that the memories from these days, being that uncle who always drinks a tad too much or the crazy baby cousin who just doesn't stop crying, they will be your best gift. No, you can't exchange them for another item or ask for a refund, but that's the beauty of it! So, turn on that radio, blast some "Jingle Bell Rock" and make sure that you don't let the Holiday season go to waste. S.G.

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