How to convert your family to Board Games & RPGs this Holiday Season

Well, tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Yep, already another round up of eating copious amounts of food, giving presents and being surrounded by the ones you love. On Xmas day, you'll probably go through the same routine every year: the cheesy movie playing on the background, the kids trying out their shiny new toys AND the small group that turns to board games. But I'm talking about Monopoly and Party& Co.. And this is where you come in and introduce them to the magic and awesome world of cool board games and RPGs! Be prepared to face resistance. Unless you're family is already cool and geek there's a big probability that Monopoly will win. But don't get discouraged just yet! Here's your plan: 1- Prepare your favorite(and also newbie friendly ) game. 2- Take it with you (Too obvious, right? But when your kids are screaming and your wife is asking if you got everything in the car, you'll thank me for this dull in your face advice.) 3- Casually, mention the game as much as you can. Namedrop subtly, though. 4- Find the most likely person to turn into an ally and stuck with them. When you feel they're ready, mention what a great time you had playing that game (over&over again = brainwash them). 5- Make it relatable to something they're interested in: politics, mystery, deducting, fantasy... 6- When the time comes to pull that dusty moustachy cardboard box, Pitch Your Game! Point number 5 is probably the one that will get everyone excited and playing it through the afternoon. So make sure you know what your dear one like! So? Are you prepared? I'm going to conduct my own experiment: "Avalon the Resistance". I'm in love with this game and how it really changes people while they're in character - it tends to be a bit scary to see your bestie lie to your face with utter most ease. Anyway, this will be my project: me, my cousins, my grandmother and her sister playing Avalon. Let the Games Begin! Oh! And Merry Xmas everyone!! :) S.G. P.S.: Thanks to Clever Move Games, Rachel Kremer Xmasy pic! P.P.S.: If you need something to read during a flight or a drowsy afternoon, try our blog posts from interviews to opinion & advice articles.

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