Symphony No. 1 - A Fantasy Fiction Anthology from Scott Colby's Pileaus World Released

Outland Entertainment is pleased to announce our latest anthology of short stories, from the World of Pileaus, Symphony No. 1, a fantasy fiction anthology.

An innocent girl who can read people’s secrets.

A skyship pilot drawn out to sea by a song only she can hear.

A pregnant mother protecting her child with the help of friendly forest spirits.

While the Empire expands, the bards scheme, and the ethereal Fae play their immortal games, life goes on in countless ways. What is the essence of a land but its people, as their small parts weave together to form a beautiful symphony?

Set in Scott Colby's World of Pileaus, a land wrought with change, corruption, and the threat of war, each story inthis anthology shows how music can be magic with the potential for great things, both good and evil.

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