Where the Veil is Thin: An Anthology

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Editors: Cerece Rennie Murphy & Alana Joli Abbott
Introduction: Jim C. Hines
Authors: Seanan McGuire, Glenn Parris, David Bowles, Minsoo Kang, Carlos Hernandez, C.S.E. Cooney, Gwendolyn N. Nix, Alethea Kontis, Shanna Swendson, Grey Yuen, Linda Robertson, L. Penelope, Alana Joli Abbott, & Zin E. Rocklyn
Cover Illustrator: Anna Dittmann
Cover Design: Jeremy D. Mohler
Interior Design: Mikael Brodu
Formats Available: Trade Paperback · PDF/Epub/Mobi
Edition: First

about the book

These are not your daughters faerie stories…

Around the world, there are tales of creatures that live in mist or shadow, hidden from humans by only the slightest veil. In Where the Veil Is Thin, these creatures step into the light. Some are small and harmless. Some are  bizarre mirrors of this world. Some have hidden motives, while others seek justice against humans who have wronged them.

In  these pages, you will meet blood-sucking tooth fairies and gentle boo hags, souls who find new shapes after death and changelings seeking a way to fit into either world. You will cross the veil—but be careful that you remember the way back.

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