Siege Command Launched on Kickstarter!

Don't miss out on your chance to get in on the ground floor for our fantastic new card game, Siege Command!

Siege Command is a two-player, lane-based strategy game containing a mixture of simultaneous planning and turn-based strategy. Deploying a variety of Units and casting powerful Spells, players battle for control over the Turrets in each of the 4 lanes in order to destroy their opponent's walls.

Creator Ryan Collins and Outland Entertainment have come together to design, develop, and release this epic two-player card game. With stunning artwork by Robert Nix, you won't want to miss out on this amazing, full color card game.

Check out how to play with this game overview -

And if you lean more toward comics, we are also offering the first issue in Kinterlands: Conclave!

Kinterlands: Conclave tells the story of how four drastically different paths unexpectedly converge, forcing the individuals who have walked them into an uneasy alliance in the midst of a mysterious disaster that threatens to disrupt generations of peaceful coexistence.

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