Outland Entertainment Acquires Scott Schmidt's NORTHERN STEELE

Outland Entertainment is excited to have acquired Scott Schmidt's weird western, NORTHERN STEELE, for a collected hardcover edition and a roleplaying game!

In 1897, the world descended upon the frozen hills of the Yukon Territory, mad with gold fever. But little did they know the perils and pitfalls that awaited them.

A trail lined with dead horses and stalked by a man-killer, a haunted cave mined by an army of the dead, and an endless swamp teeming with terrible serpents. And even then there was more.

Enter the legendary Sam Steele of the North-West Mounted Police, commander of men and master of the wilderness. With knife and pistol, horse and saber, brute strength and keen mind, the mightiest Mountie of them all takes to the task of saving the gold-seekers from men and monsters alike.

Created and written by local Kansas City author, Scott Schmidt, and illustrated by Slobodan Jovanovic, Northern Steele is a gorgeously illustrated book that will have fans of adventure, westerns, and pulp stories engrossed from page one.

Outland Entertainment will be working with Scott to develop a collected, black and white, hardcover edition to bring to Kickstarter in 2022. In addition to the graphic novel, they will also be developing a roleplaying game that'll let readers experience the same exhilarating adventures and creatures seen in the pages of the comics!

If you'd like to be notified when we launch, you can follow along on Kickstarter here!

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