Planet Comicon Giveaways: The Winners!

Although you were all very shy when it came to take a selfie at our booth on Planet Comicon last week, you did enter our Rafflecopter giveaway. Nearly a week has passed since you shared, visit our page or tweeted the giveaway. But was that enough to get you the winning entry? Was it?!? Well, Ok. We think you've suffered enough. The winners of the Outland Entertainment Planet Comicon Rafflecopter Giveaway are... *drum roll, please* For the awesome Outland Entertainment’s Digital Comic Bundle: !! Becky Budden !! And who got the Discount Code for O.E.’s Online Store? !! Karrie Millheim !! Congrats! You've won! We will get in touch with you very soon! If you're not Becky nor Karrie, we're sorry for you but don't despair! There will be other great opportunities to win some free Outland Entertainment goodies. But if you can't wait, you're more than welcome to visit our online store.

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