OE at Planet Comicon this weekend!

We've attended C2E2 - Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo this past April and are itching to keep this Comicon season going. What better way to continue other than Planet Comicon, Kansas City?!? PlanetComicon_Program_SMALL CEO/artist Jeremy Mohler and Design Director/writer Ed Lavallee are going to be at Booth #628 the whole weekend . Get ready for three days of personalized sketches, signings and one daily giveaway exclusive for PCC attendees PLUS another online giveaway opened worldwide. That's a lot of opportunities to win O.E. goodies! JM_PC_304 Want to know what you can find at #OE's booth? #Comics: - Blacklands #1; - Elflord #1; - Aegisteel #1; - Pop Star Assassin #1-2; - Bleedback #1-2; - Evolution Cop #1-3; - Archeon; - Revere (hardcover). #Books: - Stories of Survival and Revenge (Inuit Folklore); - Jeremy's Art Book. PLUS An array of original art, prints and sketch covers. Don't hesitate to ask for a signed copy or for a live sketch while you're there! Do you remember Pop Star Assassin? Ed Lavallee has just tup the volume of the campaign: if you back the PSA Kickstarter campaign at the $10+ level from May 20 to 22 you'll receive a free comic from the Outland Entertainment lineup. Besides, all Backers attending the Planet Comicon can also stop by the booth for a FREE Pop Star Assassin print while supplies last. It's going to be a great weekend! See you at Planet Comicon! ed_pcc

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