Outrider Publications Announces New Deadlands Anthology

Outrider Publications, the newly announced imprint from Outland Entertainment and Pinnacle Entertainment Group, is delighted to announce its first new Deadlands project: a star-studded anthology edited by New York Times Bestselling Author, Jonathan Maberry.

From the fractured Great Maze of California to the wide-open deserts of Arizona, from the supernatural to the peak of steampunk, Deadlands is a rich world filled with horrors, held back by desperate heroes risking their lives and, sometimes, their very souls.

Maberry, who wrote the first full-length Deadlands novel, Ghostwalkers, was eager to return to the "weird west" for new adventures, and this time he's brought a whole passel of word-wranglers with him. “Deadlands is pure fun. It has such a vast creative range that allows writers to tell virtually any kind of story. Players of the game have always been thrilled by the unlimited aspects of gameplay, and writers like the crew we have lined up will be able to tell tall tales that are weird, wild, creepy, funny, scary, thrilling, and uniquely their own…while still fitting solidly in this universe. Readers are going to be taken on one heck of a ride!”

Among the straight-shooting writers joining the ride for this first rodeo are such talents as Jeffrey Mariotte, Seanan McGuire, Aaron Rosenburg, Cullen Bunn, James A. Moore, David Boop, and the creator of Deadlands himself, Shane Lacy Hensley.

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Promotional Art by Steve Ellis

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