Outland Entertainment Launches into Space with Dragon's Heir by Glenn Parris

In 1995, humans thought they were alone in the universe.

That same year, the Efilu returned to Earth, their home planet, intending to harvest a resource needed to cure a mysterious plague. But when they arrived, they discovered that mammals, of all things, had evolved to dominate the landscape. They weren't about to let that stop them from completing their mission…

This is the world of Glenn Parris's previously self-published Dragon's Heir, a novel of the Efilu Legacy, which releases May 4, 2022. This Outland Entertainment edition of the novel contains brand new cover art and poetry, and launches readers into the worlds of the Efilu, who evolved from ancestors who lived during the time of dinosaurs, and fled to space during Earth's cataclysmic event 65 million years ago. A mysterious plague, strange and powerful benefactors, and political intrigue fill this novel of advanced technology and space travel.

Get your copy of Dragon's Heir in digital or paperback.

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