"Memories for Matilda" Brings New Depths to an Already Great Story

On April 19, fantasy fans everywhere were able to get ahold of The Wolf's Name, Raelyn Teague's debut novel that mingles a bit of paranormal with a touch of romance for a thrilling adventure.

But Teague is not only the author: she's also the artist for the cover. And in the midst of writing (and editing) the story of Matilda, her siblings, and her neighbors, Teague captured their essence in a series of portraits as well.

When Teague brought these character sketches to us, we were excited to have additional material for marketing. But just posting the images with some SEO-friendly caption and a Call to Action seemed to fall short of giving her work its due.

So we worked with Teague to develop additional rich content in the form of a fictional journal written by the sister of the main character found by her ancestor, Raelynn Teague.

It's a lot of fun, adds a lot to the story and character development, and fits right in with our transmedia worlds focus. And in the future, we'd love to see it in print form, possibly a convention exclusive handout.

Check out Teague's blog to see the whole journal at raelynteague.com.

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Written by Alana Joli Abbott
Art by Dean Kotz, Jeremy D. Mohler, and Paul Little

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