Outland Entertainment announces When the Wolf Comes, a Norse-themed  RPG with a Sci-Fi twist 

New table-top RPG utilizes Robert J. Schwalb's Shadow of the Demon Lord rules and is based on Ian Sharpe's popular Vikingverse books and comics

Kansas City, Missouri - June 28, 2022 - With Norse-themed video games, TV shows and novels continuing to be all the rage, Outland Entertainment is proud to present a new tabletop role-playing game (RPG) that goes beyond the Viking Age and brings Norsemen to the modern world in unique Sci-Fi twist.

Cover artwork and design by Jeremy D. Mohler. Design is not final.

Outland has partnered with two creative powerhouses to bring this new project to life, and is using Kickstarter to build on their already impressive community.

IAN STUART SHARPE has written extensively about his alternate Vikingverse, a parallel timeline where the Norse rule seas and stars with restless fleets and Christianity has been put to the Viking sword. His titles include the All Father Paradox and Loki’s Wager, as well as the humorous phrasebook Old Norse for Modern Times and the Jötunn War comic series.

ROBERT SCHWALB has been a game designer and developer in the role-playing games industry for nearly 20 years. His design can be found in three editions of Dungeons & Dragons, along with Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, A Song of Ice and Fire RPG, and Star Wars Saga Edition RPG. He launched a successful Kickstarter campaign for Shadow of the Demon Lord, a horror-fantasy roleplaying game set in the last days of a dying world, in 2015, that has won rave reviews for its simplicity and style.

When The Wolf Comes is a game of storytelling, heroism, and epic struggle set during a reimagined Norse End of Days. A complete tabletop role playing game in one 250 page, 8.5" x 11" hardcover book, When The Wolf Comes provides everything you need to create and play characters, form warbands in pursuit of fame and plunder, and tell sci-fi sagas with your friends. The book also gives Game Masters all the tools they need to create adventures, a bestiary full of deadly creatures, a detailed history of the Níu Heimar, and extensive advice to help run the game.

Sharpe said, "I couldn't be more excited to work with Rob's rules to help people battle against my reimagined Ragnarök. He is the perfect partner with whom to face the end of all things."

Schwalb said, "The Norse setting is so timeless, it really is the wellspring of all modern fantasy. I love the way the Vikingverse setting takes archetypes we know and love, and holds up a dark mirror to the genre.”

Jeremy Mohler, Publisher at Outland Entertainment said, "We are delighted to continue to build out the Vikingverse Worlds project with the support of such a respected name as the legendary Rob Schwalb. I'd say that the future is bright, but apparently it's all going to be over any day now what with all the demon lords and ravenous wolves."

The Kickstarter launches on July 12th 2022. Potential backers can find more information at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/vikingverse/when-the-wolf-comes-rpg


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