D.W. Vogel Raises Nightfell to the Next Level in The Risen

For ninety years, the planet Ert exists in never-setting sunlight. Then, darkness falls and lasts for ten years. The creatures of the Beneath rise up—and so do the dead, champions of the living, to protect humanity from the creatures of the night. These are the Risen. In D.W. Vogel's brand new novel set in the world of Nightfell, the first prose fiction in this world, the Risen are at the core of the story. And there is trouble between those who Rise, and those who live.

The Risen follows the saga of Dolen and Rayli, married lovers torn apart by fate. When Dolen travels to the city of Somteh to find information about his wife, he encounters Sorreg, a scientist working with the Risen, trying to find ways to improve their already tough bodies. But what Sorreg discovers could completely upend the relationship between the Risen and the living—a relationship already strained in Somteh due to a peace treaty with the Beneathers.

The Risen in print and on iphone

The Risen has already received a starred review from Publishers Weekly, where the critic wrote, "Vogel probes class struggle, xenophobia, and exploitation within a dense science mystery tightly entwined with an enduring love story. Readers will be wowed by this ambitious and fulfilling adventure." The Risen, released on June 21, 2002, appears on bookshelves near you and at all your friendly local bookstores!

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